Adem Usta

About the author

Hello ! My name is Adem, I'm a senior software developer. Currently I am working at @Storelift in the 'Store AI' team, as a senior backend developer mostly. Also specialized in frontend development, I have a full stack developer profile. As a graduated in software robotics engineering (master degree), I have some knowledge in machine learning and computer vision. Please read my resume to learn more about me !

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General software development

  Algorithmic :  
Data structures, complexity estimation, basic knowledge of the domain.
  Testing :  
Test Driven Development approach (TDD), writing unit tests and integration tests. Automated pipeline tests creation for continuous integration.
  Versioning :  
Advanced usage of git software, rebase/merge strategy, etc.
  Code review :  
Code analysis, reviews and advices for code improvement.

Frontend development

  HTML/CSS :  
Advanced skills in HTML5, CSS flexbox and Bootstrap 4.
  TypeScript :  
Advanced knowledge (three years of usage).
  Frameworks :  
React with Redux (advanced), GatsbyJS (basics), VueJS (basics) and some others. Use of puppeteer for automation and web scraping.
  Deployment :  
Deployment to AWS with S3 + Cloudfront, simple deployment with nginx on a server, etc.

Backend development

  Python 3 :  
Advanced skills (main programming language used for the past 3 years). Async libraries, threading, scripting, etc.
  Frameworks :  
Flask (advanced), FastApi (advanced), and some others (Django, etc).
  Deployment :  
With the help of docker and Kubernetes (for scalability), AWS Lambda for simple APIs, or a server with nginx as a reverse proxy, etc. Use of wsgi or asgi for production ready apps.


  PostgreSQL :  
Tables creation, handling schema migration with data preservation (upgrade and downgrade). View / functions / triggers creation, etc.
  MongoDB :  
Basic knowledge: database, collections, documents, references, etc.

Operating systems

  Linux :  
Scripting with bash/zsh, monitoring hardware, etc.
  Docker :  
Custom image design and build, with build context, etc. Handling image version with flags. Use of docker-compose and Kubernetes for container deployment.

Cloud providers

  AWS :  
Many services used in the last years: Lambda (with serverless framework for deployment), RDS for databases, MSK for messaging, EC2 for compute capabilities, etc. Soon: passing AWS certifications. Advanced usage of aws CLI.


If you have any question, feel free to contact me !